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Trump launches 2020 re-election bid with and mega rally

Trump launches 2020 re-election bid with and mega rally

American President Donald Trump officially launched his campaign in 2020 with a busy crowd in Florida in 2020, and promised his supporters “to keep America great”, “for another four years Urged to keep this team “.

A 73-year-old real estate investor, who became the 47th President of the United States in 2017, told a crowd of 20,000 in Orlando that under his leadership the American economy had become “envy of the world”.

Trump said that three years earlier his victory was “a crucial moment in American history” and he pledged to keep his “America First” policy, because he touched on his 2016 campaign, tough immigration policies and defense spending. Was there.

He said that the country has made significant progress during the presidential election, if all lose in the presidential election next year.

Unveiled the theme of “Preserving Great America”, in the 79-minute speech, Trump expressed the confidence of winning the general election. In his 2016 campaign, he promoted the slogan “Make America Great Again”

“We will continue, we will continue fighting and we will continue to win, win,” Trump said in a speech to his supporters, who fill the center of Orua with Amro.

Nearly 20 Democratic leaders are expected to meet in the presidential election of November 2020. In the beginning of next year, the winners of Democratic Primary will challenge them.

Vice President Mike Pines and the entire first family were with First Lady Melania Trump on stage during his speech.

Trump also asked the outgoing Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to address the enthusiastic crowd. Trump wants to run it for Arizona’s governor.

“We’ll miss it,” Trump called it “fight”.

Between the chants of “Four Years” of its supporters, Trump announced to contest again in 2020 to complete its incomplete agenda.

In his speech, Trump accused Democrats of advancing socialism and said, “America will never be a socialist state.” “I will never leave you,” he said.

Complaining about the investigation of private lawyer Robert Muller, Trump said that he was surrounded for years.

“No president should be forced to do this again,” he said.

Trump accused the Democrats and the media of “taking down our stunning movement” for “witch hunt”.

“They tried to destroy him with false and malicious allegations … he tried to destroy his life,” he said.

Trump claimed that Democrats wanted to bring the country back to the past.

Referring to a new business deal with Mexico and Canada as one of its achievements, Trump said that their administration has reduced the value of medicines and has made progress in the fight against opium addiction.

They also started attacks against the cities of Haram and said that anyone who supports the cities of Haram should not be allowed to walk for the President.

Trump said in his election in 2016, and in the continuation of his general statements against media and false news, voters did not transfer power from one party to another, but returned the people back.

“Often, I said we’ll sink the swamps, and that’s what we are doing now,” he said.

John Santos of the National Democratic Committee said that his party would continue to call the American people for their failures and broken promises.

“With the improvement in health care and immigration, arms control and Muslim sanctions, Trump’s work has made life more difficult for South Asia, and Democratic Party South Asian voters have given Trump the second to implement their regressive policies. Committed to denying opportunity, “said Santos.

Daniel Vejal, deputy director of War Room of DNC, said, “New campaign and broken promises, voters did not hear anything new tonight.

Unveiled the theme of “Preserving Great America”, in the 79-minute speech, Trump expressed the confidence of winning the general election. In his 2016 campaign, he promoted the slogan “Make America Great Again”

“We will continue, we will continue fighting and we will continue to win, win,” Trump said in a speech to his supporters, who fill the center of Orua with Amro.

Nearly 20 Democratic leaders are expected to meet in the presidential election of November 2020. In the beginning of next year, the winners of Democratic Primary will challenge them.

Hong Kong lawmakers grill security chief over protest

Hong Kong lawmakers grill security chief over protest

After heavy opposition to the extradition bill, Hong Kong legislator members met for the first time in a week, many critics criticized the Beijing supporters for dealing with the crisis.

The city, which was shaken by a series of massive demonstrations against the proposed law, which allowed extradition to the mainland, was criticized for using excessive force to disperse the protesters.

Opposition members were pinned on their folds with white ribbons wearing black clothes. He also had white chrysanthemum, which was a symbol of mourning at his desk.

Opposition legislators have questioned Hong Kong’s security chief John Lee on charges of police vandalism during the sporadic skirmishes with demonstrators this month.

“We mourn, because some people were injured while expressing their views,” said Lee, who repeated the apology of the government for unrest due to the bill.

Beijing’s pro-chief executive was opposed to presenting the motion of no confidence. However, he did not expect his camp to dominate the body. L also apologized on Tuesday and told that it is unlikely to revive the extradition law. But did not declare formal withdrawal and vowed to continue as the leader of the city.

On June 9, Lam suspended the extradition bill. But it failed to calm the public anger and protesters performed a major one week later in an effort to take out Bill and try to resign Lam.

The law also annoyed the city’s vast trading community, it is feared that it would harm Hong Kong’s reputation as a safe trading hub.

The Hong Kong legislator met on Wednesday for the first time in history after the country’s biggest anti-government protests, in which many MPs criticized the handling of the Beijing administration’s crisis.

Hong Kong was rocked by a series of protests against the proposed law which allowed the extradition to mainland China and criticized the city’s police force for using excessive force to disperse the protesters. .

The video of police beatings of unarmed protesters was publicly provocative, and the strategy was widely condemned. Police said that force was necessary to remove protesters who were throwing bricks and metal bars.

In the stressful session, the opposition team questioned security chief John Lee in Hong Kong for the conflict.

Many pro-democracy legislators were wearing black clothes and were carrying white chrysanthemum in honor of a person who died during their protest against the law.

Some have read “No Delivery China” and “Withdrawal, Withdrawal” on their desk, mentioning the disputed bill as banners.

“We mourn, because some people were injured while expressing their views,” said Lee, who repeated the apology of the government for unrest due to the bill.

He said that the police was responding to the threats of the protesters, but the people of the opposition party made fun of their comments.

 “Completely unrelated” 

Democracy supporter Claude Mo said, “The police is well trained and he has all the equipment and the police have been threatened.”

“It is not completely convinced.”

An opposition MLA was due to present a non-confidence motion for Beijing’s Chief Executive Officer, but was not produced before the adjournment. It was not expected to pass the movement in the body controlled by Camp L.

Council chairman Andrew Leung said that Thursday’s meeting will not be held. It was not immediately clear when the council would meet again.

L had suspended extradition bill on June 9 after the first mass demonstration after a clash between police and protesters on June 12.

But this failed to calm the public anger and protesters staged a major demonstration on Sunday, according to the organizers, attracted more than two million people, who demanded the withdrawal of the bill and the lama’s resignation.

L Tuesday apologized and noted that this law is unlikely to revive, but he did not announce official return and vowed to continue as a leader of the city.

A senior home source told South China Morning Post that while defining its strategy on Wednesday, the priority of the police was to remove protesters instead of ensuring Hong Kong law and government buildings, which was violent demonstration against a controversial extradition bill. Was doing.

Political problems should be resolved by political means. The source said, “If we disperse the protesters today, they will return tomorrow and tomorrow, if the basic problem is not resolved.” This bill will allow fleeing people to move from Hong Kong, with no current system, including mainland China.

“Our primary duty is to defend the legislature and government headquarters to ensure that the administration is working, we are only fighting when it is attacked, but it is not appropriate for us to be caught in a political storm.”

Top Renault Triber makes global debut in India


French car maker Renault unveiled its global multi-purpose compact car Triber on Wednesday. With the exception of the Renault Treper, Datsun GO + MPV, there are only four meters display in India for three row seats.

The Renault Treper is compact and is similar to Kwid, but it has new headlamps, a new trap, a square rear section and a direct position.

The interior of the Renault Treper comes with a dual-color color scheme, the tool kit has a 3.5-inch LCD display and an entertainment system with a 8.0-inch touch screen.

It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto information and entertainment system. The second row is horizontally adjustable and comes with the folding function and folding partition. The third line can be removed to increase the boot space to 625 liters.

Renault Trepfer will be powered by the upgraded version of 1.0 liter engine (BR10) used in Quad. The three-cylinder gasoline engine will generate torque 72hp and 96 nm There will be a 5-speed manual transmission and 5-speed automatic transmission (AMT) in the launch of the Triber Transmission option. Renault is expected to add a 1.0 liter petrol engine powered by turbochargers by 2020.

Renault Traber is expected to reach 5.5 lakh rupees.

Reno said that Renault Trap is the result of a joint venture between Renault teams in India and France, especially the first car designed for the Indian market.

The group’s CEO Thierry Seri told reporters here, “India Group is a major market for the Renault Group. We are still young for India, yet our ambitious plan is more according to our strategic plan of” future leadership ” .

Bolur said that before moving the MPV to the world, India was designed, developed and manufactured for Indian customers.

“This is a real change in the game,” he said.

Renault said that its goal is to double the sales volume in India in the next three years to two lakh units per year.

Commenting on the design innovation around the Triber, Vice President Groupe Renault (Executive Director) Laurence van den Acker said that the objective was to design a car that would conform to the needs and many lives of customers.

“Whether they are parents, lovers, a group of friends, a group of family members, whatever their tribe, whatever their lifestyle, they should adapt to the Renault Triber,” he said. He said that the model provides attractive, powerful and compact design and reinvent space for all.

“We are proud of the latest progress, which is about to challenge the length of a miracle about 4 meters away.”

Renault Trepfer will be built at Chennai plant and will enter the Indian market in the second half of 2019.

The Triber System is based on the same standard CMF-A platform that supports Renault Quaid and Datsun RediGo.

Triber is essentially an MPV 5 + 2 seat and the trick of his party is that to allow additional space in the luggage box, the third line of seats can be completely removed. The outer design of Triber follows the philosophy similar to the modern Renaissance model like Captur, Kadjar and Koleos, which are sold internationally.

In the middle of the front there is a bold mesh with a large Renault badge in the middle. Below the front bumper, the LED is surrounded by the LED headlamps with DLLs. Trivors attempts to experience the presence of bold SUVs like styling and muscles, and also receives roof bars, which are dedicated to the top cutting line.

In his heart, Triber acquired the 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine found in the Clio and Sandero models, the global model of Renault.

This engine is capable of generating power of 72 hp with a maximum torque of 96 nm. At launch, Triber will be supplied with only 5-speed manual transmission, and 5-speed automatic AMT will also be launched at launch time.

Renault can present a turbocharged petrol version with more power in the near future. The new engine is designed to comply with BS4 standards, however, the engine will be upgraded before implementing the BS6 standards by April 2020.

Inside the cabin, the Triber comes with double-colored interior designs and has an entertainment system that has a full-fledged LED digital toolkit with an 8 inch touch screen with Apple Carple and Android Auto. For third-class passengers, Triber comes with custom ventilation slots too. The second line of seats is retractable as well.

The third line, which can be completely removed, comes with a central armrest. To follow safety rules, Renault Trepper will come with rear parking sensor, dual front airbag, ABS system and speed alarm system. High imagination models will be equipped with a rear-view camera.

Why Shikhar Dhawan ruled out of World Cup due to thumb fracture

Why Shikhar Dhawan ruled out of World Cup due to thumb fracture

A major setback for the World Cup ambitions in India, due to broken thumb, Shekhar Dawan was removed in the opening match of the tournament. By the middle of July the shadows were finished. Sunil Subramanian, director of the Chamber of Commerce team, said, “The BCCI has written to Pant International Criminal Court for replacement with Duan.”

During the match against Australia on June 9, he was shocked after suffering a left thumb by extradition of his high-handed with Pat Cummins. In the remaining CWC19, “BCCI said on Twitter handle.

The 33-year-old suffered pain after being beaten and won 117 out of 109 matches, making India successful in winning the World Cup five times. Al-Jawan won the next three matches.

India had covered Vicky Stroke striker Pant for the infected crew in the World Cup team. Pant, who was ignored by the original team for a hot debate on his formidable form last year, joined the team on Wednesday.

Duvwan was not in the 11th game against Pakistan. India’s next game will be on Saturday (June 22) against Afghanistan. Dalavan has an impressive record in International Criminal Court, and its mission will be a major loss to India.

Pant has one-day experience of five matches, but it is a victory because of his brave attitude. It was part of the official backup list with Ambati Rayudu.

Like the legendary Sunil Javaskar, he supported the involvement of Pant. The former captain felt that the boy in Delhi was worthy of this incident that both were forced to leave the youth due to “cracking in the hot form”. Pant made glorious century in the England and Australia Test tour.

I also enjoyed a good session in the IPL last month, in which 488 speculation with more than 160 strike rate.

Perhaps the team management who inspires to release the announcement of injury by the end of the end is the fact that even Borneshwar Kumar was injured.

India had only 13 players to choose Afghanistan in the game on 22 June if a punt was not brought as an option. Bhuvneshwar is out with three hamstring in three matches

India’s World Cup campaign was a major setback on Wednesday, because Shekhar Dawan was eliminated from the tournament due to thumb injury. Rishabh Pant was brought as an alternative to Shihtar Duban. The opening match was broken on June 9 at The Oval while winning 117 games with Australia.

There is a broken base on the first comb of the left hand of Shihor Duan. Will remain in the team till mid-July, which makes them out of the World Cup for international motors. Sunil Subramaniam, India Team Manager, “We have asked Rashab Pant for an alternative.”

In the absence of Shekhar Duvan, PK Rahul, with Rohit Sharma, opened India’s roles against Pakistan. Rahul was impressive with 57 points in that game and 136 rand in the first place.

India made a splendid start of their World Cup campaign They beat South Africa, Australia and Pakistan while the game against New Zealand ended. India faces Afghanistan before facing West India, and hosts England, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

In six centuries, Shekhar Dehuan is one of India’s most valuable assets in the ICC Tournament. They made three tons in each of the Champions Cup and World Cup. Together with Rohit Sharma and Colly Euphrates, Duane made the top 3’s superb form.

Due to thumb injury, Shikhar Dhawan was kept out of the 2019 FIFA World Cup. Rishabh Pant was listed as an alternative to Shikhar Dhawan in the Indian cricket team. Shekhar Dhawan was injured during a match at The Oval against Australia. The record in that game is amazing 117.

After handed over to Pat Cummins, Shekhar Duvan suffered a hair loss. His X-rays did not appear on any fracture, but details of the infection were detected by CT scan, and transferred to a specialist for further evaluation.

KLL Rahul replaced Duown on the top of the batting ranks, which came from middle to bottom to open against Pakistan in Old Trafford. They scored 50 runs in that match.

Calling on the basis of Shekhar’s status will take at least 10 to 12 days. Bangar told the media on the eve of the concluding India World Cup against New Zealand, “We do not want to exclude a valuable player like him.”

Jawan was injured after giving 109 balls against Australia for Bat Cummins during the strike. There was no fracture in the X-ray, but CT scan was detected, otherwise Dowan was sent to a specialist for further evaluation.

As a cover of Rishabh Pant Dhawan, there is already a promising wiki goalkeeper with the team. Before the struggle against Pak, reached Manchester and joined the Indian team …

How letter to Google and Apple: Stop hindering Iranian entrepreneurs

How letter to Google and Apple Stop hindering Iranian entrepreneurs

I am a Persian. In 1979, when I was only two years old, the revolution led Iran and permanently changed the foundation of the state. As my father’s academic, his career made him a direct target of the new system, and therefore – just like many other families – we fled from Iran and started back in the United States.

That’s exactly 40 years ago. Today, I am a father, husband and entrepreneur, who has a deep love for America, but I think the country I can still not think about.

Iran is a country of strong will. It is the gravel and the hard-earned land of success. I clearly see this clearly in the emerging generation of entrepreneurs, who were born from 30% of the country’s unemployment rate.

If you are interested, then you will know that the business sector is growing in Iran, in 2018, the country alone has raised 13 points on the Global Entrepreneurship Index.

The goals of running these new companies are equally impressive – things like improvement of women’s education, stability, urban waste management and advocacy for art. Forbes said that Iran could become a major force, “if nothing happens in the way.” Unfortunately, Google and Apple just do this.

Two years ago, under the guise of compliance with the US sanctions against Iran – the ban on decades – Apple has started removing Iranian applications from its program. Today, the App Store is not fully available to the Iranians.

Follow Google’s Play Store. Programs can be used without regular notification, such as Google’s Firebase, a forum for making payment notifications. For start-up, these programs can vary between life, death, work and failure.

As many people have told me, more intelligent than me – such as Thomas Ehrbrink, The New York Times and Feno Goyle – the time for these decisions is in vain, and the logic behind it.

Take DigiKala, for example, one of the biggest e-commerce sites in Iran, or Snap and Dalian, are Iran’s famous applications for cabin delivery and food delivery, respectively.

Along with almost every Iranian designer, these companies were transferred to the internal payment system called Shipar in the beginning of 2017 to comply with US sanctions against online business transactions. But it was discovered that it was not happening: after less than six months, Apple removed all of them from the App Store.

As a serial entrepreneur, I know about these young developers. Like me, they have ideas. Like me, implemented But on my successor, they are increasingly deprived from an entrepreneurial environment, which bans them directly from the beginning and deprives them of a viable market.

As a result of Google and Apple processes, they should work as business people without the necessary resources for the job. Take my toolbox and ask me to become a carpenter; That’s what you ask them.

You are not solely responsible. Most of this political game is played on our head. But your decision has a clear human effect. This is a direct threat to the livelihood of thousands of young people of Iran. As leaders of your area, you have both the ability and responsibility to correct this practice.

Your ability here is great, and the same applies to Iranian entrepreneurs if they have the right equipment – the tools you can provide and provide. So what is the first reliable step? Let’s start an open conversation. Let’s sit together on one table and find ways to align our interests with US officials and Iranian traders.

There is a concept called homosexuality. As a human, we are going to create a network with people like them. This is the basis of our sex.

Take a minute to remember your roots and I think that you will see some similarities between Iranian traders and your founders. If Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Steve Jobs never meet, what will our world look like today?